Frequently Asked Questions

What advice can you offer about submitting nomination?

  • The “Call for Nominations” begin on 10th September 2020
  • Visit PM EXCELLENCE AWARDs for detailed information.
  • Start the process early.
  • Designate an award team with a lead nominator who gathers all necessary information, completes the paperwork and submits it on time, and acts as a liaison between PMI Bangladesh Chapter and the team.
  • Review the application package carefully. If possible, request a person not connected with the submission review it for criteria and compliance.
  • Justify in the submission why you think your submission should receive the award.
  • Any queries pertaining to this award should be sent to info@pmibdchapter.org clearly mentioning "PM Excellence Awards - 2020" in the subject line.
  • There are four main categories and ten awards recognized in the Project Management Excellence Awards:

    1. 1. Project of the Year - Business/Service
    2. 2. Project of the Year - Social Impacts
    3. 3. PMO of the Year
    4. 4. Academic Project of the Year

    Four Subcategories under Project of the Year - Business/Service and Project of the Year - Social Impacts based on Project Scale (Cost and Completion Date):

    • 1. Large Project (public & private) – Tk.50 crore + Project value. Delivered within the last 3 years (July 2017 to June 2020).
    • 2. Medium Project (Public & Private): Tk.5 crore ~50 crore Project value. Delivered within last 2 years
    • 3. Small Project (Public & Private): Tk.1 crore ~ 5 crore Project value. Delivered within last 2 years (July 2018 to June 2020)
    • 4. Micro Project (Public & Private): Tk. 25lac~ 1 crore Project value. Delivered within last 1 year (July 2019 to June 2020)

    • - Last date of Nomination Submission: October 15th, 2020
    • - Results of Nominations’ Application evaluation: October 20th, 2020 (subject to change)
    • - Notification about Judges’ decision on Final results: October31th, 2020 (subject to change)
    • - Award Giving Ceremony: 7th November, 2020

    The purpose, eligibility, criteria and nomination procedures for each award appear in this link PM EXCELLENCE AWARD.

    Step 1: The nominee will submit information online about the nomination before October 15th, 2020 on the PMI Bangladesh Project Management Excellence Awards 2020 website here (http://pmibdsymposium.org/).

    The nominee will provide the Information by answering a set of questions on the online portal. This may include information on processes related to the various knowledge areas or similar or equivalent processes.

    In addition, nominee has to upload documents as attachments (per attachment max of 25 MB). The submitted documents should be related to project management processes rather than documents containing purely technical information. It includes sample documents and artifacts of the processes. For e.g. Work Breakdown Structure, Schedules, Cost Estimates, Quality and Risk Plans, Progress Reports, Change Management Plans, Procurement documents, Staffing and Communication plans. A power point presentation related to the project should also be included with the documents.

    All the documents submitted should be converted to a PDF non-editable format. The documents can be compressed using WinZip.

    Step 2: The nominee's application at this stage will be evaluated by a panel of volunteer jury members and the results will be intimated by email by Bangladesh chapter by October20th, 2020 (subject to change).

    Step 3: The nominee's application at this stage will be finally evaluated, validated, and interviewed by an elite panel of jury members comprising of individuals of national repute. The nominations in final stage, shortlisted by elite jury i.e. Winner or Runner-up will be intimated by PMI Bangladesh Chapter by October31th, 2020 (subject to change).

    The following fees apply to the Project Management Excellence Awards 2020 categories:


    Application Fees

    Project of the Year (Business / service / Social impact) - Large

    5,000 BDT

    Project of the Year (Business / service / Social impact)  - Medium

    4,000 BDT

    Project of the Year (Business / service / Social impact)  - Small

    3,000 BDT

    Project of the Year (Business / service / Social impact) - Micro

    2,000 BDT

    PMO of the Year

    5,000 BDT

    Academic Project of the Year

    2,000 BDT

    Applicant needs to pay application fee defined per application. Payment to be done via bank transfer or direct bank deposit to the below bank account details:

    Bank Name: United Commercial Bank Limited


    Account Name: PMI Bangladesh Society

    Account No: 0841101000000161

    Routing Number: 245261183

    For each case, Nominee will require to provide payment information with online application form.

    The nominations will valid only upon final payment is received by the PMIBD. The PMIBD has the right to cancel/decline the nomination if the payment is not received within 14 days after the submission.  

    Evaluators vary by award. All evaluators are experienced practitioners who have successfully demonstrated project management expertise.

    The results of the PM Excellence Awards Program will be communicated to the awardees by the organizing committee. Formal announcement of the winner shall be made at the Bangladesh Project Management Symposium 2020 to be held virtually on November 7, 2020.

    The program is administered by PMI Bangladesh Chapter

    For more information, contact:

    Mohammad Shahadat Kabir, PMP, CBAP 

    Director, Program & Sponsorship

    PMI Bangladesh Chapter

    Email: dir.program@pmibdchapter.org 

    Phone: +881730097974

    K. M Refaul Ehsan 


    PMI Bangladesh Chapter

    Email: refaulehsan@outlook.com 

    Phone: +8801713034029

    The award applicant could be a sponsor, a senior member of the project team viz. equivalent of Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Director or a senior representative of the organization.

    Materials required for Submission:


    • 1. The Application submission should be compiled using this website (www.pmibdsymposium.org).
    • 2. Written consent about the use of any project in the submission should be sought from the project client/owner/executing agency. 
    • 3. The written consent is also required for the use of project information, photographs, company logos and other intellectual and copyright properties where applicable.
    • 4. Non-conforming and partial submissions may be rejected by the judges and/or PMI Bangladesh Chapter.
    • 5. PMI Bangladesh Chapter may ask supplementary document if necessary, to validate information provided on web.


    Submissions will only be accepted if received by the above dates and containing the following important materials:

    • 1. Project Brief
    • 2. Best Project of the Year
    • 3. Project Charter (or inception / feasibility report)
    • 4. Project Management Plan
    • 5. Number of Users
    • 6. Risk Register
    • 7. Project Closure Report
    • 8. Acceptance Letter
    • 9. Over all Presentation / Video of the project
    • 10. Payment slip upload in your user profile at Awards' Application Portal

    The award evaluation will be done by an "at-large" panel of jury, established by PMI Bangladesh Chapter Organizing committee. Two nominations will be selected as the Winner and Runner-up for each award category. Selection will be made by October 31st, 2020. 

    The decision of the designated panel of reviewers will be final. In case the panels of reviewers feel that none of the individual submissions meet the minimum standards as stipulated in this web page, the award will stand cancelled and no Winner and/or Runner up will be announced. The feedback collected from applicants at various stages during the submission process is treated anonymously. The feedback is not shared with the jury and has no bearing on evaluation of the nominations.